Visual Interfaces from Third-party Developers



Web interface for ClickHouse in the Tabix project.


  • Works with ClickHouse directly from the browser, without the need to install additional software.
  • Query editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Auto-completion of commands.
  • Tools for graphical analysis of query execution.
  • Color scheme options.

Tabix documentation.


HouseOps is a UI/IDE for OSX, Linux and Windows.


  • Query builder with syntax highlighting. View the response in a table or JSON view.
  • Export query results as CSV or JSON.
  • List of processes with descriptions. Write mode. Ability to stop (KILL) a process.
  • Database graph. Shows all tables and their columns with additional information.
  • Quick view of the column size.
  • Server configuration.

The following features are planned for development:

  • Database management.
  • User management.
  • Real-time data analysis.
  • Cluster monitoring.
  • Cluster management.
  • Monitoring replicated and Kafka tables.


LightHouse is a lightweight web interface for ClickHouse.


  • Table list with filtering and metadata.
  • Table preview with filtering and sorting.
  • Read-only queries execution.


clickhouse-cli is an alternative command line client for ClickHouse, written in Python 3.

Features: - Autocompletion. - Syntax highlighting for the queries and data output. - Pager support for the data output. - Custom PostgreSQL-like commands.



DBeaver - universal desktop database client with ClickHouse support.


  • Query development with syntax highlight.
  • Table preview.
  • Autocompletion.


DataGrip is a database IDE from JetBrains with dedicated support for ClickHouse. It is also embedded into other IntelliJ-based tools: PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA, GoLand, PhpStorm and others.


  • Very fast code completion.
  • ClickHouse syntax highlighting.
  • Support for features specific to ClickHouse, for example nested columns, table engines.
  • Data Editor.
  • Refactorings.
  • Search and Navigation.