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ClickHouse Meetup at Santa Clara, May 4, 2017
11 May 2017, 08:00

After Percona Live 2017, Yandex ClickHouse team stayed for one more week in San Francisco Bay Area to meet with local companies in person to talk about ClickHouse and how it can be applied to their tasks. On the last evening we even managed to organize our own meetup with active ClickHouse users in the area, not as large as we regularly host in Russia, but still had some very interesting discussions.

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ClickHouse at Percona Live 2017
28 April 2017, 12:00

For those who haven't heard, Percona Live is probably one of the largest international conferences about opensource database management systems, having 12 talk tracks in parallel. It's been around for many years and initially it was focused mainly on MySQL (and had that in it's name), but nowadays it is more generic and other products of this category get lots of attention too. Needless to say that for a relatively new player on the market like ClickHouse, it's been a great opportunity to spread the word about the technology and how exactly it allows to perform analytics on petabytes of data in real time.

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