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ClickHouse Meetup in Limassol on May 7, 2019

14 May 2019, 13:00

First open air ClickHouse Meetup took place in the heart of Limassol, second largest city of Cyprus, on the roof kindly provided by Exness Group. The views were stunning, but speakers did a great job competing with them for an audience attention. Over one hundred people have joined in, which once again confirms high interest in ClickHouse around the globe. Meetup content is also available as video recording.

Kirill Shvakov have played the key role in making this event possible by reaching out to the ClickHouse Community at Cyprus, finding the great venue and other speakers. Most of worldwide ClickHouse Meetups happen thanks to active community members like Kirill, if you want to help us organize ClickHouse Meetup in your area, please reach Yandex ClickHouse team via this form or any other way that is convenient.
Kirill is well known for his top notch ClickHouse Go Driver running over native protocol, but his opening talk was about his experience optimizing ClickHouse queries and solving real-world tasks at Integros and Wisebits. SlidesFull query listings.
The event have began in the early evening...
...but it took just around one hour for nature to turn the night mode on. It actually made the projected slides easier to read.
Sergey Tomilov with his colleagues from Exness Platform Team have shared details on evolution their systems for analyzing logs and metrics and how they ended up relying on ClickHouse for long-term storage. Slides.
Alexey Milovidov from Yandex ClickHouse team have demonstrated features from recent ClickHouse releases and gave an update on what's coming soon. Slides.
Alexander Zaitsev, CTO of Altinity, have shown an overview of how to integrate ClickHouse into environments running on Kubernetes. Slides.

Vladimir Goncharov, backend engineer from Aloha Browser, have closed the ClickHouse Limassol Meetup by demonstrating few projects that allow to integrate other opensource tools for logs processing with ClickHouse. Slides.

Unfortunately, the midnight was closing in and only the most weather-proof ClickHouse fans have managed to stay the whole event as it started getting pretty chilly.

More photos from the event are available at short event afterword by Exness.