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ClickHouse Meetup in Amsterdam on November 15, 2018

22 November 2018, 15:00

20th ClickHouse Meetup took place in Amsterdam, which appeared to be a convenient location for people from all over Europe to join the event, including Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. We were also glad to see people from many local companies including, Crobox, Marktplaats (eBay), MessageBird and others.

Aleksandar Aleksandrov and Felix Mattrat, data engineers from MessageBird, show how they use ClickHouse to analyze process of delivery of SMS and other kinds of messages.
Nikolay Kochetov from Yandex ClickHouse team demonstrates recent features related to string processing optimization.
Konstantin Ignatov from Qrator Labs shares his experience in using ClickHouse as time-series database.
Aurimas Jacikevicius from Altinity demonstrates benchmark of ClickHouse against TimescaleDB and InfluxDB under time-series workload.
Roy Brondgeest from Crobox showcases ClickHouse Scala reactive client and it's bundled DSL for query building.
Alexey Milovidov from Yandex closes the meetup with talk about performance analysis of ClickHouse queries.