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ClickHouse at Analysys A10 2018

4 November 2018, 09:00

Analysys A10 is a large conference on Big Data that took place on October 26-27 in Beijing. Since China's population is huge, it generates a lot of data and Big Data industry is in very high demand. Yandex ClickHouse team has been honored to participate in this event alongside top management, analysts and IT professionals from various Chinese companies.

Each year Analysys also organises OLAP contest. Second year in a row the same team of Sundy Li (李本旺) and Winter Zhang (张健) wins it by using ClickHouse as the core of their solution. The task was to calculate complex marketing funnel as fast as possible.

Sundy Li (李本旺) receives award for winning Analysys OLAP contest 2018 from William Kwok (郭炜)

First day of conference we mostly spent talking with people on ClickHouse booth, while on second day there were two technical talks about ClickHouse:

Alexey Milovidov demonstrates ClickHouse and how it works internally
Sundy Li (李本旺) explains the audience how they won the OLAP contest using ClickHouse

The next day after A10 was a dedicated ClickHouse Community Meetup in Beijing, but it deserves a separate recap post.

Analysys A10 afterparty